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Expand your business to China with us.

West meets East enables your business operations in China without miscommunication, prejudice or insecurity. 

West meets East solves transnational business challenges with high transparency, efficiency and trustworthiness. 

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Market Intelligence

West meets East provides you with a holistic view of the Chinese market in various industries. We use a combined methods approach with both traditional and automated market research methods. 

Our traditional methods include expert interviews, product showcases, and observations. 

Our automated method utilize data points from data banks, social media, and e-commerce.

In our market research reports, we give customized recommendations for market entry and business expansion strategies to enable your business success in China.


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West meets East bridges the gap between your business and the China market. We provide you with one-stop-solution for your China-engagement including

  • Clearance approval
  • Brand localization
  • Product promotion (online / offline)
  • Establishment of distribution channels
  • After sale services 

Localize your brand strategy and fit your product design to the Chinese consumer behaviour are the most vital, yet challenging steps to reach popularity in China. Our team helps you reaching this goal to unlock the worlds biggest market.

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Business Initiation

West meets East organizes high-value match-making opportunities for your company to meet your corresponding counterparts in China. 

Through our guidance as your consultant, mediator and interpreter, we facilitate in-depth dialogue to initiate new deals with competent and trustworthy decision makers in China. Thereby, we act in favour of your business matters at all time.

Our seminar of intercultural competencies prepares you with essential tips of doing business with China and teaches you how to overcome most common communicative challenges in cross-national cooperation.

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