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Market research:
Gain deep insights into the Chinese market

West meets East offers in-depth market research for the consumer and durable goods industry. We use qualitative and quantitative methods. Our research includes consumer behavior, feasibility studies, market potential, competitive analysis, industry trends and much more.

Our intention is to provide deep insights from the research findings that will help you expand your business in China.

Localization strategies:
Expanding into China means starting from scratch

Many brand owners and retailers wrongly assume that they can copy the same market entry strategy for another country and simply apply it to the Chinese market. But China is different. It is crucial to execute a proper localization strategy. Localizing your brand message and adapting your product to Chinese consumer behavior are the most important but challenging steps to achieve popularity in China. West meets East helps you achieve this goal to tap into the largest consumer market in the world.

Business initiation and business brokerage:
Strong e-commerce partners

In global historic first, ecommerce in China will account for more than 50% of retail sales. Therefore, it’s unthinkable to avoid presence on online distribution channels. West meets East gives you access to Chinese online distribution networks while granting you a clear understanding of the various distribution channels and the knowledge of how to sell your products in China.

Our Team

Jia Song, Principal

Jia provides Western companies with market entry services to China. She offers seminars of intercultural competencies and organizes China-related high-profile investment conferences, industry forums and cultural events. Jia is also the founder and president of the German-Chinese High-Tech Alliance e.V. with the objectives to improve the exchange, mutual understanding, and cooperation between German and Chinese organizations operating in the fields of cutting edge technologies. Jia has gained multiple years of professional experiences in Transaction Advisory, M&A at PwC and EY. She holds Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Hohenheim, and has studied at the LSE in London and the ECNU in Shanghai.

Nicole Neubauer-Han, Partner

With 8+ years of professional experience in medium-sized companies in Germany and China, Nicole has a comprehensive knowledge of German-Chinese intercultural communication and cooperation, practical experiences in the field of China market entry consulting as well as in project and knowledge management. Nicole is currently trained to be a professional conference interpreter (Chinese, German, English). She is dedicated on building bridges and improve understanding between Chinese and German people and businesses. Nicole is also a member of the management board of the German-Chinese High-Tech Alliance e.V. in Frankfurt.

Adrian de Riz, Head Of Business Development

Adrian specializes on big data automated market research and has delivered multiple projects in Finance, Automotive, and Consumer goods together with Chinese counterparts. With his profound brokering experience in China, Adrian has successfully introduced several European consumer good brands to the Chinese first and second tier markets. Adrian holds a Chinese- UK- double Master degree with distinction in Business Analytics from the Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

Alvaro Guzman Gomez, Partner

Alvaro has dedicated his early professional years in honing his communication and intercultural skills. He has experience working with Latin American companies in finding potential synergies in China as well as helping Chinese companies localize to Spanish markets. Other areas of expertise include fruit exports from Spain. Alvaro currently holds 2 double accreditations, a combined high school diploma given by “Beijing normal university” in collaboration with Saint Paul American School Beijing and a degree from Xi’an Jiao tong-Liverpool University in International business with an emphasis in mandarin Chinese.

Christian den Heijer, Partner

Christian grew up in a business family, where he was introduced to determination, resilience and perseverance. He has been working in the seafood industry for nearly a decade, where he developed his commercial insight. Due to his upbringing and experience he is very familiar with international business and trading. His determination has brought him to China, where he attended a variety of courses to improve his proficiency of the Mandarin language. Next to that, Christian has performed several remote factory and site inspections for European importers at Chinese manufacturers. These inspections were organised in both food- and non-food branches.

Grace Deng, China Legal Expert

A wealth of knowledge with more than 10 years in China-based legal and cross border business negotiations, deals and experiences. Additionally, experienced in rare earth (scandium, cobalt) and PGM technological, joint-venture, legal and marketing issues. Grace used to serve in an American law firm based in Shenzhen, China as Legal consultant and business advisory, helping foreign companies on China market entry and providing legal services to their business developments in China. Additionally, she has also consulted to several mining companies listed in ASX and TSXV on their mining projects and expanding business to Asia. Grace’s speciality is international business especially for China market entry, marketing and JV partners development, capital markets, foreign direct investment outbound direct investment, supply chain, and mining related business advisory.

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