Opportunities In China Cross Border E-Commerce

Chinese crossborder eCommerce (CBEC) is a less costly and sophisticated way to enter the China market.

  1. Great opportunity for first sales in China 
  2. Chance to test your products in China
  3. In 2020 CBEC trade volume had a CAGR of 49%, outpacing the rest of retail growth in China
  4. Win the attention of large retailers and distributors
  5. No product certification required
  6. No Chinese company required for CBEC

CBEC Product Categories with the highest turnover

Chinese people who want to buy healthy, safe and reliable consumer products will search online and prepare to buy overseas products and brands since they have a better reputation. 

Secondly, if you are a health foreign brand that wants to sell to China, it takes a long time to register your product. It can take from 1 to 3 years pending on your product category. So, during all this time, you can already use cross-border to sell your products.

Last year in December, the “List of Goods under Cross-border E-commerce Retail Importation” was extended to allow additional product categories, dubbed as the ‘CBEC positive list’.

Growth in CBEC


The number of Chinese consumers searching and buying overseas products online has experienced a surge in the past ten years. From ten million CBEC users in 2013, it has grown by 1300% to 130 million registered buyers in 2020. Not only the number of shoppers also the shopping volumes have increased.

From January to February 2020, China’s import and export volume of CBEC retail was measured at US$2.45 billion, a growth of 36.7% from the numbers in February 2019. In 2019, the number of total CBEC retail sales reached US$26.25 billion. Which was five times the amount of 2015, with a CAGR of  49.5%.

CBEC is carried out in China's Free Trade Zones (FTZs)

To support their growth and stabilize foreign trade and investment, Chinese officials have determined to attach more significance to CBEC development. The roll-out of the fifth, that is, the latest batch of CBEC pilot zones took no more than five months.

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