Increase In Chinese Consumer Responsibilities

Young people start purchasing for the whole family

Young people are the main driver of lockdown shopping, as they are savvier about using online shopping apps.

Data indicates that since the beginning of this year, more than 70% of consumers born after 1995 have shifted from “buying only for themselves” to “buying necessities for the whole family”

Youngsters establishing digital businesses in their home cities

Furthermore, when many young people returned from major cities to their homes in China’s lower-tier cities, they helped their family members to engage with online shopping – and to some extent they have driven the penetration of brand, quality and authentic products into lower-tier city markets.

More farmers are now selling fresh produce on live streams in China

Young consumers become more mature

Millenials and GenZ have created more awareness of the need to protect the family

Data shows a 34-fold increase in transaction volumes of disposable cleaning products and a 340% increase in purchases of sterilization products year-on-year.

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