China’s Changing Consumer Behaviour

Consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) products

As consumers become more cautious in making purchase decisions in the face of ongoing pandemic uncertainty, sales of customized products that are more directly tailored to consumers’ needs are rising. Consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) products, which are designed based on big data analysis of direct customer feedback, are increasingly popular, satisfying consumer demand and providing good value for money are increasing popular.

These products are designed based on insights gleaned from data generated by targeted consumers and are thus able to provide more customized functions at reasonable cost, resulting in better value for money.

Health and fitness is here to stay

China’s affluent younger generation had never experienced a domestic economic downturn prior to COVID-19. The virus has forced them to think harder about spending, saving, and trade-offs in purchasing behavior.

Consumers are seeking better quality and healthier options: more than 70 percent of respondents in McKinsey & Company’s COVID-19 consumer survey will continue to spend more time and money purchasing safe and eco-friendly products, while three-quarters want to eat more healthily after the crisis.

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